Lower Price Of Optical Microscopes And Increasing Research & Development Expenditure By Companies Is Expected To Drive The South American Optical Microscopy Market

South America (Brazil and Argentina) is a mature market for optical microscopes, as it is the largest market in the region in terms of consumption. Moreover, the South American optical microscopy market is driven by factors such as the lower price of optical microscopes as compared to other types of microscopes, and their wide range of use in various applications such as life sciences, materials sciences, nanotechnology, and so on.

Technological advancements in areas such as materials sciences, life sciences, semiconductor industry,  and nanotechnology has increased the use of advanced devices such as the optical microscope as these devices are required in research & development activities in these fields. Thus, this is another factor driving the South American optical microscopy market.

In the recent years, the increasing popularity of non-commercial institutions such as research laboratories and universities is yet another factor driving the optical microscopy market. Academic institutions, government research institutes, and other private bodies have emerged as the major end users of optical microscopes as these microscopes are available at a lesser cost as compared to other microscopes. Moreover, the utility of high-magnifying microscopes is comparatively lesser than that of optical microscopes in these institutions, which gives an impetus to the optical microscopy market.

Several companies such as Hitachi High-Technologies Corp. (Japan), Olympus Corporation (Japan), JEOL Ltd. (Japan), Olympus Corporation (Japan), and Carl Zeiss (Germany) have embarked on the optical microscopy business in South America. These companies invest in this growing market to gain higher profits and increase their shares in the South American optical microscopy market.

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