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DailyConvo.com is run by a group of professional individuals who share one thing in common, the love of writing. We have a huge team behind us, allowing as to cover a large number of news topics in the detail you would expect from any national news outlet. Anything from a cat stuck up a tree in your locality to international political unrest. The name DailyConvo was chosen because we want to spark conversation with the stories that we write. The internet provides just a medium for that.

We cover Technology, Sports. Politics, Economics, Science and Entertainment News. If its interesting enough to talk to your hairdresser about, well report it.

We proud ourselves on professional journalism and we hope that you appreciate the time and care that we put into writing our stories. Whilst viewing are site, be sure to get involved. News is only news if it is worth talking about, which is why we’ve provided comment sections below every story. We welcome all comments and opinions, be it on the news we’ve covered or on the way we have reported it.

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