Meet the Team

As previously stated, we operate with a huge team of writers. We believe that through numbers we are able to cover a large range of topics, allowing us to compete with even the largest of national media outlets. Although we have a large number of writers working for us, do not take that we value quantity over quality.

Whilst we are open for guest writers to provide unique content for DailyConvo.com we follow a very stringent review process. All content published must meet the high standards set by the editing staff. Once submitted it is hand reviewed by one of our senior members of staff to ensure that it meets the necessary writing level.

Senior Writers

Martin HalfordĀ Executive Editor

Contact – Martin.Halford@DailyConvo.com


Martin has a long history in journalism, having reported for several large media outlets. Having left the rat race behind, he is an entrepreneur in the making. Taking his journalism onto the web has been a steep learning curve but he believes it is one that he must take. Martin believes that the way news is reported is changing rapidly as the internet becomes more ingrained in our lifestyle.


Andrew Dicker Healthcare Industry Expert

Contact Andrew.Dicker@DailyConvo.com


Andrew had hopes of becoming a doctor when he teenager but like most children, realised that it was merely a dream. However, his love of healthcare industry did not leave him. He studied physiotherapy and in his free time entered a career of freelance writing. Over the last few years, Andrew has seen it all.


Brad Johnson Business News Editor

Contact Brad.Johnson@DailyConvo.com


Brad has recently finished University and has come out oozing with motivation. Through his degree in Industrial Economics he has the theoretical background needed to understand moves in the business world. As well as this passion for business, he is a sports fanatic.


Arun Patil Internet and Marketing News Editor

Contact Arun.Patil@DailyConvo.com


Arun is in digital marketing world in since last 7 years. He started writing on search engine optimization and ten realizes that the social media is the booming sector. Now he writes on social media and internet marketing.

Freelance and Guest Writers

This is your opportunity. We invite you as the reader to join our writing entourage. Writing for DailyConvo.com can be the stepping stone to a career as a freelance journalist or writer.

Want to join the team? Apply today with an example of your work and well return your enquiry as soon as possible. Contact – join@DailyConvo.com